Purchase + Colo Plan

If you intend to use a dedicated server for more than just a few months, it might make sense to purchase a server.  Then you just pay us a monthly colocation fee to house the server in our data center.  While you can make the purchase on your own, we've tried to make things as simple as possible.  So we have set up a special program just for this purpose.

Here's how it works:  You purchase the server directly through us, usually a Dell server though other servers can be purchased.  Within days we have it installed and running on our network.  For people who use this program, we reduce the monthly colocation fee to just $99 (normally $125).

Lease to Purchase

If you don't have the cash to purchase the server up front, we can arrange for you to lease it for 24 or 36 months with a $1 purchase price at the end of the lease term.  Monthly payments for most high quality servers are usually between $100 and $200.  Added to the $99 colocation fee, the monthly cost for the term of the lease is often lower than our dedicated server prices.  And at the end of the term, you just continue paying the $99 monthly colocation fee.  (of course, once the server is purchased, you can ask us to ship it to you at any time if you no longer wish to colocate it with us)

Owning a server isn't for everyone.  There are advantages to using our hardware, particularly in the event of a hardware problem, though hardware problems are rare these days.  The servers you would purchase do come with warranties, usually including on-site service.  So the risks are low, and the Purchase + Colo option has proven to be very popular with our customers.

Please note that while we always offer assistance, including reboots and troubleshooting, technical support is more limited when you own the server.

If you are interested in this program, complete the Dedicated Server Quote Form and simply indicate your interest in the 'Special Instructions' box at the bottom.  We'll be happy to offer a quote to you.