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At Zylink, we focus on quality.  Zylink does not load its servers with hundreds or thousands sites as most of our competitors do.  Our primary customer is the serious web developer.  Serious developers understand the importance of high performance hosting as well as the value of personal service.  This is why most of our new business comes from referrals.

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Plan 1 Plan 2 Gold Plan
Monthly Cost (paid quarterly) 19.95 49.95 149.95
Monthly Cost (paid annually) 8.25
($99 per year)
44.96 134.96
Free year of domain registration with annual payment!1
30 Day Moneyback
Hard Disk Storage 10 GB 50 GB 200 GB
Monthly Transfer
(Why not unlimited?)
50 GB 100 GB 300 GB
POP E-Mail (unlimited boxes) 500 MB 1 GB 5 GB
Unlimited E-Mail
Automatic E-Mail
Unlimited FTP Updates
Mailing Lists
Web Mail
Access to Log Files
Microsoft FrontPage
Dedicated IP Number
Active State Perl 5.8
.NET Framework 2.0
.NET server controls
MySQL 5.0
ODBC (unlimited DSNs)
MS SQL 2005
ASP Components see below see below see below
DLL Registration no see below see below
SSL Encryption
Traffic Reports (Wusage) Detailed Detailed Detailed

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1Free domain registration (or extension for existing domains) applies to .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .uk domain names.  Domain registration must be through Zylink, though you will own the domain.  Contact sales for more info.

2 Moneyback guarantee does not include domain registration fee, or set-up fee, if any.

ASP Components

We include many popular ASP components on our servers, including CDONTS and JMAIL.  We often add commercially available, Microsoft certified components at the request of customers.   If you have questions about a specific component, contact sales.

Registering DLLs

As a general rule, we do not register custom DLLs for customers on our shared servers.  We did this in the past, and it caused a lot of conflicts and a lot of down time.  It is normally better to get a dedicated server if you need a special DLL.  However, we will consider registering commercially available, Microsoft certified DLLs for customers on Plan 2 or the Gold Plan.  Contact sales for more information.

Order your Windows Plan Now!